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Collecting funds [Domestika] Creative Bullet Journal: Planning and Creativity (Little Hannah)

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Start the course with some background info on your instructor, Chris Bravo, a journalist and designer better known as Little Hannah. She shares her professional experience, her biggest influences, and how she became an expert in this creative planning technique.
‌Then she takes you through a self-awareness exercise so you can get to know yourself a little better. Review the most common materials used in bullet journaling and find out which ones are a must-have for Little Hannah.
Don't waste any time and jump right into creating your bullet journal. Start with the key and the index, and then move on to creating both daily and monthly logs to track future tasks and events.
Finally, explore the concept of collections, to help you organize information by topic, and discover techniques for keeping track of your habits and reaching your goals.
For the finishing touches, add all sorts of features like inserts and bookmarks to make your bullet journal simple to use.

What is this course's project?
Let your creativity loose and create a bullet journal with your own unique style to help you plan your daily life and improve your productivity.