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Collecting funds [Domestika] Calligraphy for an Ex Libris (Ricardo Rousselot Schmidt)

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You will begin by knowing the trajectory and the works of Ricardo Rousselot and then delving into the authors, books and images that have most influenced him.
Below you will discover the history of the Chancellor's Office and the tools necessary for writing: pens, inks and paper.
Then, Ricardo will explain exhaustively the Ductus de la Cancilleresca, that is, the way, the direction, the sequence and the speed at which the strokes or traits that make up the letters are drawn.
When you are ready, you will touch to write. Following the indications of Rousselot you will learn to master the morphology of the letter, the interlinear and interletrado as well as the uppercase and lowercase.
At the end of the course, after doing numerous exercises, you will use the letter Chancellor to draw an EX LIBRIS or personal mark adding the ornamentation typical of the era, although rabidly modern today.

What is this course's project?
Once you have learned this beautiful and versatile handwriting, you will design an Ex Libris (stamp, label or stamp that used to be placed on the cover or cover of a book and that contains the name of the owner of the copy) or personal mark profusely decorated with pen strokes.