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Purchased [Domestika] Basics of Character Animation with After Effects (Yimbo Escárrega)

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To begin Yimbo will tell you about his journey in the world of character animation and will show you his main influences.

You will start making two animations. With the first you will learn the basis of Adobe After Effects to animate with position, rotation, scale and opacity; Then, you will learn some of the basic principles of animation such as Ease In - Ease Out, Anticipation, Follow Through and Squash and Stretch, to achieve a much more natural and personality animation.

Yimbo will give you the keys to understand how you should work your animation in After Effects with an illustration created in Photoshop and Illustrator. Then, you will take it to practice, creating an avatar in Illustrator and then give it expressions in After Effects.

And the time will come to animate a complete character. You'll start the illustration in Photoshop, and then import it into After Effects. You will use DUIK to create the skeleton of your character and make the rig; as a final result you will have a template to make different animations.

You will take your character walking, creating a walk cycle and you will add details to fine-tune your animation, applying the principles of animation such as Follow Through.

To finish the course, you will use everything you have learned to create a promo for your character. Yimbo will teach you step by step, how to plan, create and improve it, until the final render.

The course is in Spanish with Spanish and English subtitles, but everything will be clear from the video, because the guys at Domestika are professionals in their field!