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Purchased [Domestika] Advanced Techniques for Creating Pop-Up Books (Silvia Hijano)

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Learn about Silvia's trajectory and how she began to dedicate herself to the wonderful world of handcrafted books, following from the beginning of her studies to the creation of her workshop. Se also the main artists and books that influence her work.

In the second unit, learn the importance of angles and of doing good linear work so that the mechanisms work. See how to control movement and intensity.

Then, start to create your folding geometries, learn how to make the V-folding technique and its different combinations, then see how to make page-turning elements that are versatile, take up little space, and create great effects.

Silvia teaches you how to create elements by inserting even more volume using the grid technique and shows you how to make 3D geometric figures that will give impact to your design.

In the next step, define the type of book you’re creating, its history, the target audience, and the mechanisms you will use. Then start working on your final project, creating page by page of your folding map book.

By the end, you will do one of the most complicated processes: the binding. Silvia explains to you how to carry out a simple pop-up bookbinding process and then explains how to turn your project into a folding map book.

The course is in Spanish with subtitles in English, Spanish, and German.