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Purchased Detox Coaching for Profits 6-Max Cash Game [pokerdetox.com] [cheappokercourses.com]

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Type of purchase: Collaborative
Price: 55 USD
Participants: 0 of 5
Organizer: Zeus Zeus
Status: Gathering payment
Payment: 11.4 USD
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What you will learn
  • A preflop system organized into grids and quickly accessible for in-game reference
  • How to use standard line instructions to execute an effortless exploitative strategy in common post flop scenarios
  • My data-point analysis process to organize your thoughts when making difficult decisions
  • How to pour on aggression in “hotspot” zones where mass database analysis has proven that the pool is over folding
  • How to recognize severely under bluffed lines and make above-the-rim folds in seconds
  • Why you should use texture and line pattern recognition, not combinatorics, to develop a detailed awareness of your opponent’s equity
  • How to identify “code red” board textures to make advanced folds painless
  • My simplified strategies for accurate post flop polarization
  • Simple bet sizing tells to dramatically increase bluff catching efficiency
  • How to tweak these instructions depending on your opponent’s HUD stats and tendencies to further increase your exploitative power
  • How to identify and bluff catch against lines that draw high correlation to volatile players
  • Advanced: The nature of polarization in a dead pot game—a concept most advanced players don’t understand
  • Advanced: Non-binary thinking, or the ability to think about two opposing concepts at once
  • How to manage tilt and develop natural confidence at the tables
  • How to re-frame your perspectives on volume and variance for a healthier, more professional approach to the game
  • The counter-intuitive solution to the vicious cycle of ownership-surrender imbalance

Tier 1

Annotated Hands Tier 1.docx

Domination – Underbluffed Lines – Part 1.mp4

Domination -Underbluffed Lines – Part 2.mp4

Forced Aggression.mp4

Hotspot Data Analysis.wmv

Polarization – Part 1.mp4

Polarization – Part 2.mp4

Simplified Strategy Development.mp4

Standard Line Violations.mp4

Standard Lines – Polarization – Version 2.mp4

Tier 2

Annotated Hands Tier 2.docx

Bluff Allowance and Playability – Version 2.mp4

Bluff Allowance.mp4

Code Red.mp4

Donk Line.mp4

Playability – Part 1.mp4

Playability – Part 2.mp4

Playability – Part 3.mp4

Tier 3

Annotated Hands Tier 3.docx

Bet Size.mp4

Perceived Range and Bet Size – Version 2.mp4

Perceived Range.mp4

Performance Cycles.mp4

Tier 4

Annotated Hands Tier 4.docx

Confidence Intervals – Part 1.mp4

Donk Line vs Fish profiles.docx

Fish Profiles – Part 1.mp4

Fish Profiles – Part 2.mp4

Fish Profiles – Part 3.mp4

Player Profiling and Confidence Intervals.mp4

Reg Profiles.mp4

Summary Concept.docx

Range Data


Dynamic Rangeviewer.xlsm


0 – Betting Line Syntax.JPG

1.1 – Single Raise IP Aggressor.JPG

1.2 – Single Raise IP Defender.JPG

2.1 – Single Raise OOP Aggressor.JPG

2.2 Single Raise OOP Defender.JPG

3.1 – 3bet OOP Aggressor.JPG

3.2 – 3bet OOP Defender.JPG

4.1 – 3bet IP Aggressor.JPG

4.2 – 3bet IP Defender.JPG

5 – 4bet All Formations.JPG

6 – A Note on Low-SPR Zones.JPG



XR hotspots.png