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Quickly create amazing videos. The first intelligent video creator that will do all the hard work for you.
Description: An online service for quickly creating high-quality selling, advertising and informational videos. Suitable for: filling author's Youtube channels, doorway channels, traffic arbitration in FB / INSTA, etc.
The video output is incredibly powerful and the coolest thing is that it is created as quickly as possible, the service itself selects video scenes for keywords on the slides, plus it voices the text in English synchronously with the slides and puts background music.
The result of the work - https://yadi.sk/i/bgWW8p3yt_CBIg
The video was made in exactly 5 minutes, considering that I was dealing with the service and working for the first time.
The output is videos that are not ashamed to show, suitable for the author's content. There are categories for videos: articles, sales, infocourses, social networks and real estate. The service can be used for free for 7 days without restrictions, the video is downloaded in good quality and no watermarks are.

We take a subscription for 3 months