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Purchased [cracked.io] Money Making Secrets EXPOSED: How I Make $5K+ Per Month With My CPA Online Business and YOU Can Too!

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[cracked.io] Money Making Secrets EXPOSED: How I Make $5K+ Per Month With My CPA Online Business and YOU Can Too! [Step-By-Step] (Digiprodits)

The seller was kind enough to give me a vouch copy for the following review

DigiProfits does a great job offering a unique approach to CPA especially great for those with little to no experience as he guides you every step of the way. Making hundreds if not thousands daily certainly isn't out of reach but keep in mind this will require time and effort invested as with any money making method. On top of this Digi also offers a second method which I would personally recommend to anyone looking to scale their profits into the thousands, if done right anyone who uses the resources offered in this section to their advantage could easily earn a livable income off of this alone, the niche I'd personally recommend is crypto sales, wont get too much into this as to not reveal my secrets but if you do your research you could easily earn tens of thousands per deal under the right circumstances.

What's included:

  • A detailed, easy to follow PDF
  • General life advice I'd recommend you follow if you aren't already
  • Two methods, one that's better suited for people looking for a clear-path straightforward way to earn some nice side income and the other for those looking to expand the capital they already have (the amount you earn will be based on the skill you choose)
Can the methods become saturated?

  • These methods can only be saturated if you go for a niche that's saturated, doesn't take a whole lot to be original so don't be braindead and you'll be fine
Do you need an investment to get started?

  • An investment of $50-100 is recommended although there are bonus methods included to earn that starting capital however these methods are extremely painful and slow so I highly recommend you set aside at least $50 to start with
What is the time investment like?

  • For the first method the time investment is roughly two days in the beginning to set everything up and then about 2-5 hours daily however this time can decrease as you go, its best to invest as much time as you can in the beginning to ensure maximum profit
  • For the second method the time really depends on the niche and your capabilities and understanding when it comes to business, if you know what your doing you can hire workers to handle everything for you at a certain point and invest next to nothing in terms of time
Rating: 9/10

  • Great support
  • Friendly seller
  • Three methods included
  • Detailed in depth methods for each one
  • Easy to follow
  • High earning potential (especially for the 2nd method)
  • You need to invest time & effort
  • Earning potential on method #2 depends on your niche as well as business/sales skills (potential pro if you know what you're doing)