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Section 6: Features of working on different platforms
6-25 Interaction with the audience
6-26 Content vs. Context
6-27 Exercise 4

Section 7: Creating and developing a brand
7-28 Increase brand awareness
7-29 Company development
7-30 Working for free to attract attention
7-31 1>0
7-32 Content Value: Depth vs. Breadth
7-33 Why You Shouldn't Take Money for Your Best Work
7-34 How to develop your brand at the expense of Other brands
7-35 Why it Doesn't matter how many subscribers you Have

Section 8: Traffic Monetization
8-36 Advertising
8-37 Sponsorship
8-38 Engagement
8-39 Books
8-41 Swag

Section 9: How to Create Your Legacy, Optimize Your Time, and Be a Practitioner
9-41 Legacy-your everything
9-42 Time: the most important resource
9-43 Practice vs. Headline Reader
9-44 There will be a lot of work
9-45 Fast and Slow Way to Become an Opinion Leader

Section 10: Conclusion
10-46 Final thoughts
10-47 Patience and hard work
10-48 You are More than the sum of your decisions
10-49 The best way to deal with the fear of failure

Section 11: Book #AskGaryVee
11-50 Why is this book important?

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