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Purchased Building a Personal Brand by Gary Vaynerchuk (Part 1 of 2)

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Section 1: Why do you need this course?
1-1 Introduction
1-2 Who should create a personal brand?

Section 2: Passion and vocation
2-3 In the search for a vocation
2-4 What's in your genes
2-5 All bets are on your strength
2-6 Exercise 1
2-7 How to choose between what you like
2-8 Four Ways to Find Your Strengths

Section 3: Self-doubt
3-9 Self-doubt. Part I
3-10 Self-doubt. Part II
3-11 Exercise 2

Section 4: How to tell your story so that it is listened to
4-12 Tell your story
4-13 Redefining the content goal
4-14 Any person is a media company

Section 5: Information distribution channels
5-15 Getting to know the nuances of different platforms
5-16 Facebook
5-17 Twitter
5-18 Pinterest
5-19 Instagram
5-20 YouTube
5-21 Snapchat
5-22 We are the first to capture new platforms
5-23 Exercise 3
5-24 Which platforms are right for your brand

The course is available by invitation. There is no public link.