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Purchased [BoF Education] 6 courses in English

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1) Build Your Dream Career
What you will learn:

  • Learn how to identify, build and navigate your career path.
  • Understand the key principles for growing and optimising your personal brand.
  • Deep dives into essential concepts including: personal values, brand differentiation, networking, interviewing, mentoring and digital touchpoints.
2) Digital Marketing
What you will learn:

    • Learn how to create content that can entertain and engage global audiences.

    • Understand how to conceive, produce, amplify and analyse a digital communications strategy.

    • Take immersive deep dives into essential skillsets: video, influencer marketing, live streaming and social media.
3) Fashion Styling and Image Making
What you will learn:

    • Obtain a comprehensive overview of the styling ecosystem.

    • Understand how styling is executed by top-tier creatives, publications and brands.

    • Gain invaluable insight of creative processes across platforms.
4) The Art and Science of Buying and Merchandising
What you will learn:

    • Gain a general understanding of the core Buying & Merchandising functions.

    • Receive invaluable advice on how best to balance big data and gut instinct.

    • Understand how Buying & Merchandising is executed in best-in-class companies.
5) Fashion History For Today
For Fashion Professionals:

    • Understand why a deep knowledge of fashion’s past is critical to finding success in its future

    • Find creative inspiration and insight from 20th Century fashion

    • Enhance your contextual and critical understanding of fashion history
6)Build a Direct-To-Consumer Brand
What you will learn:

  • Learn how to plan, launch, grow and sustain a DTC brand.
  • Key principles of entrepreneurship and industry leading strategies for brand management.
  • Deep-dives into essential concepts including: brand identity, product development, market positioning, online and offline retailing, marketing touchpoints, innovation and financing.