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Welcome to the Body Reference Materials!

This complete set of Body Reference materials includes hands on Body Processes and verbal processes from the 3 Day Body Class and the Advanced Body Class.

The reference materials are for you to be able to find an energy that can change your body and your life.

Product Description

Format: PDF Digital Download

Pre-Requisite: Advanced Body Class or 3-day Body Class in last 48 months

What are the Body Reference Materials?

Access Consciousness® classes have been facilitated for over 25 years and new material is constantly being created. The information and material for these classes is created from Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, the co-creators of Access Consciousness, and all of the participants in the classes around the world. The Advanced Body Class and 3 Day Body Class manuals have been re-written to include the newest, most relevant and life-changing body processes. To create more ease, the past information has been compiled.

As Gary says, “Things are put in reference from all the classes based on the fact that the energy is very intense at some point and then it begins to shift away from intensity. As it does, it then allows something else that is underneath it to come up. So…we put things into reference materials because it’s no longer intense for everybody and some people need that, so it is just a reference material for you to be able to find an energy you need if you can’t find it in what we have.”

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