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Purchased Blender Secrets E-Book Volume 1, 2 & 3 Bundle [Jan van den Hemel]

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Why get this book?
  • All future updates are free for customers! It will only get bigger and better.
  • You like short, to-the-point tutorials.
  • You want to learn efficiëntly so you can spend more time creating.
  • Whether you are a beginner or a professional, your knowledge will get a boost!
8 Reasons why this book is relevant
  • Short, step-by-step tutorials.
  • Based on 1-minute video tutorials enjoyed by more than 100k followers on IG, YT etc.
  • Additional steps and info that couldn’t fit in the short videos
  • Read and learn at your own pace
  • For beginners and pros, there’s definitely something you didn’t know about yet!
  • I can’t believe in all these years I didn’t know this” is a reaction the tutorials often get.
  • 1000+ pages
  • 350+ Blender hacks based on real-world solutions.
What people say

"As an experienced 3D artist I don't like to watch through long YouTube tutorials to find a small tip I was looking for. That's where short 1-minute-tutorials come in handy. And this e-book is exactly that, a gold mine of short and useful Blender tips, which can help you to speed up your work quite a bit. The tips are concise, explained with images and text and each lesson comes with an accompanying short YouTube video. Highly recommended!"

- Zach Reinhardt, Founder of CG Boost

"Given the title and the price I was skeptical. I've been using Blender for over 15 years, but I learned plenty! It's a collection of every workflow trick (eg. camera projection), hidden hotkey (eg. Ctrl+Shift+R: Dual Edge loops) and render optimization (eg. AI denoising) in Blender. It's really fun to skim through it and pick up ideas for your next project. I highly recommend this for anyone using Blender professionally as it could save you many hours."

- Andrew Price (Blenderguru), Founder of Poliigon

“The Blender Secrets e-book series is a true treasure chest of small, on-point tips and tricks. Even as a long-time Blender user, you will be in for some surprises.”

- Tobias Kummer, Co-Founder of Overmind Studios

“The Blender Secrets books are particularly informative for Blender beginners, but even seasoned Blender users will undoubtedly discover some new techniques.”

- Metin Seven, Dutch freelance illustrator, animator, 3D modeler, BlenderNation and CG Cookie author

“This is the funnest book on Blender I’ve ever read! The chapters are broken up into condensed micro chunks that make for compulsive reading, and every single one has an accompanying 1 minute video online! I bought this book back when it only had 100 chapters and it was a steal then! The fact that the updates to the book were free is mind boggling (considering it has tripled or quadrupled in length since then). I highly recommend it!”

- Shane Curry, Animator on “American Dad!”

"Wow, what a treasure trove of tips and tricks! I don't care if you're a beginner or a seasoned Blender veteran, this is a Blender Bible you should keep beside your workstation!"

- Bill Barber (BlenderBrit), Head of Training and Education at Poliigon.