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Basic rules and how everything works


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Our forum provides an opportunity to share information products, accesses, templates, and so on with other participants. Access to the material is carried out in the library format. The total price is divided equally between the participants of the joint purchase.


Collective procurement is carried out in 4 stages:



This is the very initial stage. When everyone is registered in the main or reserve list and waiting for the collection to start. You can enter or leave the fold at any time during this stage. You don't have to pay anyone any money. If you are interested in getting material on this fold, we recommend that you sign up. The organizers see the activity and the transition to the next stages (getting the material) is accelerated in this case.


Collecting contributions

The next stage is when the organizer starts collecting contributions. In correspondence with the details of the org, as a rule, it lays out its payment data (yandex, webmoney and qiwi wallets), and any org is also obliged to accept transfers from storekeepers in the internal currency of our resource. We recommend that you make all transfers through your balance on the forum. (domestic currency). For more information about payment in a collective purchase, read below. The material is not provided at this stage or is provided partially (if the course is in the process of passing).



When the organizer of the folding puts the material in the library in full, then the transition to the "Purchased" stage is carried out. The entry to the main and backup lists is open at any time. Signed up, paid for, and got access to the product.



The stage when contributions are not accepted and the folding is not carried out further (the material is not available).


If you want to pay the fee, then you need to enroll in the participants of the joint purchase. Transfers are made only at the "Purchased" and "Collection of Contributions" stages. The "Record" and "Completed" stages do not provide for payment.

The organizers mainly use Yandex, Webmoney, and Kiwi electronic currencies for accepting payments. But also on the forum it is customary to make transfers in domestic currency. This is especially true if you do not have the above wallets. No organizer has the right to refuse to accept a payment in domestic currency. The balance of the forum is easily replenished from any card, phone balance, paypal, peir, cryptocurrency accounts, rare electronic wallets, and so on.

After adding money to your account balance, you can either make a transfer to the organizer or pay via the "Pay with balance" button (access is provided instantly) in the topic. It is also better to use this method if you want to pay immediately and get the material for several folds.

- What is the deadline for the payment of the fold?

No deadlines, no penalties are provided at any stage. We recommend that you make the payment as soon as possible.

- When will I get access to the material?

After payment, the organizer must provide access to the "Purchased" stage within 3 days. If you pay in the internal currency via the "pay with balance" button, you will immediately get access to the library automatically. If after 72 hours you have not received the product, then you can individually agree with the organizer to increase the extension of the period or ask for a refund. As an option, it is possible to replace the material with the same cost from another collective purchase.

If you are not granted access to the material after 72 hours, then write to the library about this org. If the link is not restored within 3 days, then either write to support or click on the "Report" button and describe the situation.

- How do I download a paid course?

In most cases, the organizers will provide participants with links to popular file storage type mail, Yandex, mega, Google and Fax. Usually, the material is downloaded without problems. In some cases, you must have an account there due to restrictions with a large volume of files.

- How do I find what I'm looking for?

Through a forum search. The search bar is located at the top right. It is enough to enter either the name of the author or the name of the information product or a link to the selling resource (instagram, vk, telegram, and so on).

Via a request in a special section. The team of the club and the orgi will make an effort to organize a collective purchase at your request.

- If I have any questions?

Let us know in the Support Service.


The return of the internal currency to the balance can not be carried out in specific cases:

  1. The information product is partially "incomplete" and at the same time it fully corresponds to the stated one without loss of meaning (there are no semantic gaps, there are no initial parts such as introductory webinars, parts of online chats).
  2. The product is 90% complete.
  3. Due to the author's fault, the material has poor quality (interference in audio tracks, insufficient video quality, etc.) or the lack of the material declared by him.
  4. If the training on the complete set is incomplete, if this was stated in the description.


  1. Incite inter-confessional, religious, inter-ethnic discord and various kinds of conflicts.
  2. Show aggression, insult people, and accuse them without proof.
  3. Advertise something without the consent of the administration.
  4. Engage in flame, spam, flood, trolling.
  5. Create messages and correspondence, the topics of which contradict the legislation of Russia.
  6. Placement of adult content (erotica, dating, escort services).
  7. Create multiple accounts (more than one) for one person. BAN them all immediately.
  8. Creating an account whose name contains advertising (for example, the name of the site, part of the mail, phone) is a close match with existing accounts, especially the team of the club, vulgar meaning, insults, or a meaning that the administration considers unacceptable.
  9. Behave incorrectly and carry out provocations in relation to the organizers, the moderator and the administration of the resource.
  10. Interfere in the course of the folding process with questions such as "when will the material be available?", "name specific deadlines" (especially in correspondence with the details and under the folding itself) and other actions that jeopardize the security of the joint purchase and delivery of the material.
  11. Exchange rates between club members.
  12. Publish and share your contact information with other users.
  13. Leave false information in the topics or in the support service (Tickets).
  14. To disturb the support service and complain in the topics about not issuing the material, if the required 3 days have not expired.
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