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You want to know more?
Activate your listening is a different way to learn to speak English fluently

  • Course One consists of over 5 hours of high quality lessons spread across 24 audio files.
  • Every audio file has a full transcript so you do not have to translate anything.
  • The lessons are grouped into interesting articles, covering lots of topics and using native English speakers in the recordings.
Adept English method of learning encourages you to learn through
listening, so you can learn commuting to work. Sitting in the sun. While
you clean the house. Any dead time where you can wear some audio
headphones will do.

Do You Find Yourself Saying...
  • I would like to speak English fluently and automatically
  • I can understand written English much better than spoken English
  • I’ve been learning English for years. I’ve tried lots of courses. Nothing has really worked
  • I can understand English only when it is spoken slowly and I know the context
  • I do not understand native English speakers.
  • Are you going to try something different?
  • Do
    you want to use your brain’s existing way of learning language and
    learn English naturally, as a child would? You will be pleased that you
If this is YOU, Adept English is what you have been searching for!

What Exactly Is In The Course?
This is what you will get...

  • The 1st recording is an article on an interesting subject. Course One has Articles on ‘The UK’, ‘Food’ and ‘Education’. You are introduced to the vocabulary slowly and clearly. The Articles are written with you, the English language learner in mind.
  • The 2nd recording explains the vocabulary, the words in the Article. It’s like a 1-to-1 tutorial – as though we are both having a cup of tea and talking through the lesson together! If you listen to the Seven Rules of Adept English – this works Rule Five ‘Nothing but English’ – so we do the vocabulary, but all in English!
  • Then, in the 3rd recording you listen and read a story in which I use the same vocabulary, the same words and phrases, but in a different story, in a different context. You learn automatically through context in accordance with Adept English Rule Five. The stories usually are about two people called Sarah and George – you will get to know them!
  • Then in the 4th recording, there is a conversation between two, real English speakers. Sometimes there is 5th recording – an additional vocabulary MP3 to go with this – so another file in which I explain vocabulary in a tutorial format. These files are really, really important – they help you start to work with real-life English speakers in conversation. They help you with what most language learners find most difficult.
  • Finally for each group, there is a Pronunciation MP3 file where you listen and repeat aloud the important phrases to improve your pronunciation. This is where you join in – and we help those English phrases ‘trip off your tongue’!
This is a link to an example of the supporting transcripts and course notes you get with every audio file in the course.

Listen to an example of what you will get in the course...