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Not every PC user, faced with the need to create animations, web videos, slide shows or presentations, is ready to take up the development of not the simplest, but also highly specialized programs. But everyone has a browser and access to the Internet, and therefore, to solve such problems, it is best to turn to one of the online services that are endowed with the necessary tools and capabilities.

Renderforest, which we will discuss in our article today, is one of these web resources. It allows you to create a variety of unique and high-quality projects based on ready-made templates, of which there are more than 115 thousand. Let's move on to a more detailed review of this site.

Video Template Library
As already mentioned, all projects on Renderforest are created according to templates. There are six main categories, and the contents of each will be discussed in detail later. The sections have their own categories, and there is a convenient sorting system ("Trends", "New", "Most popular"). In addition, you can sort the content by thematic tags (tags), and you can also search for a specific query. The templates themselves are located within specific categories, where you can see not only their previews,but also view the entire video. From here, you can also share the blank with your friends. Actually, this is all that is available to unauthorized users of the site.

Animations and presentations
In the extensive library of the online service under consideration, there are many animation templates and presentations. Special attention should be paid to the blanks for creating so-called explainers, which can be used both for corporate purposes and for educational purposes. For example, animation created with Renderforest can be used to teach children, and presentations can be used to promote products or services.

Video content for YouTube
Not all users think about the fact that the finished video on YouTube actually consists of several elements. This is the preview that is displayed in the feed, and the intro (introductory splash screen), and corporate animation, and much more. All this, as well as logos and trailers for channels, can be created using the Renderforest web service.

Slide Show
Putting together several photos or simple images into a single video is not the most difficult task. Thanks to the templates available in the arsenal of the Renderforest web service, you can create a high-quality and original slideshow on any of the topics of interest. So, the following groups of blanks are available on the site: greeting and festive (for example, dedicated to a wedding, birthday, anniversary, corporate event, etc.), personal and love, corporate (for example, for showing real estate or demonstrating a business plan).

Videos for mobile apps
As we have already pointed out many times, there are templates on Renderforest for private and commercial use. The latter includes the ability to create realistic and very impressive videos and training materials for mobile applications. The development of such projects is possible for the Android and iOS platforms, under which all modern smartphones and tablets operate.

Musical visualizations
There are quite a few music tracks on YouTube without a music video or any other video sequence. Instead, the player window displays only a static image (for example, the cover) or, much better, the lyrics of the song. Thanks to the capabilities of the online service Renderforest, such audio tracks can be brought closer in their beauty to full-fledged video clips.

Advertising projects
This is another section of the web service under consideration, aimed at commercial users. Renderforest offers a large set of tools and templates that you can use to promote your own business, conduct speeches and presentations, demonstrate or advertise a product.

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