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Purchased $200k+ Per Month With 3 Months Old YT Channel | 24 Movie Channels Making $1.4m+ Per Month | [PDF] [blackhatworld]

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$$200k+ Per Month With 3 Months Old YT Channel | 24 Movie Channels Making $1.4 m+ Per Month | [PDF]

What you get

1 PDF file - Contains a list of 24 channels in the niche of movies with statistics and notes/tips/ideas

1 Excel file - Contains a list of 24 channels, so you can easily sort them

This is not a step-by-step method, but channel analysis.

Notes/tips/ideas include

Country of location of channels
Channels with multiple owners
What software do they use Y PARTY
The Chinese were the first and how can you use their videos
The idea of what to include in the video
Niche ideas
Age of accounts
Video descriptions.
And more

Service Information

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  • This E-Book has (no/minor/moderate) spelling and grammar errors present.
  • The excel sheet had corresponding content to the ebook.
  • This is only research and not a money making offer and the revenue these sites make is estimated.
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