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  1. Zeus

    Purchased Allergy Relief With Delta Brainwave Frequencies - [Unexplainable store]

    Audio program with isochronic tones (Isochronic Tone), aimed at improving getting rid of allergies. Developer - Inexplicable Store. The duration of all programs is 30 minutes. How it works: "Thanks to our incredible infatuation therapy, we use the Delta Frequency to focus on how the mind...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased A set of audio programs for success - "Ultimate Success Package" - [Unexplainable Store]

    A set of audio programs with isochronic tones (Isochronic Tone). The focus of the set of programs: achieving success, prosperity. Developer - Inexplicable Store. The total duration of all programs is 120 minutes. The composition of the kit: The Ultimate Success Package contains several sets of...
  3. Zeus

    Purchased A set of audio programs for relaxation - "Relaxation Package" - [Unexplainable Store]

    Relaxation Package Unexplainable Store Length: 70 minutes Description: Titles include: Calm Down, Quick Break, Deeper and Deeper, Music and Bells, and Slow Down and Relax! All 5 recordings each other well and can be played in any order! Say goodbye to stress...