tom myers

  1. Zeus

    Purchased Dynamic Resilience – Lecture (Tom Myers)

    Dynamic Resilience – a lecture by Tom Myers (Does not earn CEUs) For those who were not able to attend in person, we offer this video recording of Tom Myers’ lecture titled “Dynamic Resilience” held at South Boston Yoga February 15th, 2019. Tom’s lecture includes his insightful perspectives on...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased The Deep Front Line: A New Concept of Core (Tom Myers)

    In this exciting new webinar with Anatomy Trains author Tom Myers, you will discover a new understanding of your core that is markedly different from the traditional focus often limited to the abdominal region. Through demonstration first on a skeleton and then on the human body, Tom navigates...
  3. Zeus

    Purchased Feeling Your Way Through the Lines (Tom Myers)

    If you’re just starting with Anatomy Trains or you want to see how the lines run around the body, this is a great webinar to get you familiar with the territory of each myofascial meridian. Designed for manual therapists and movement professionals of all modalities, from beginner to advanced...
  4. Zeus

    Purchased BodyReading 101 (Tom Myers)

    Body reading is both an art and a skill. These videos build your abilities step-by-step from reading the skeleton’s relative position to seeing the soft-tissue restraints involved in creating the position, to strategies for unwinding the problem. With many practice clients for standing posture...
  5. Zeus

    Purchased BodyReading: Visual Assessment of the Anatomy Trains Video Series (Tom Myers)

    “Seeing is touch at a distance” said Ida Rolf. In this video series, learn to BodyRead your clients’ postural patterns in terms of the myofascial meridians. This is a progressive skill that will serve you every day, make your work more efficient and long-lasting – and you will never be bored at...