1. Zeus

    Purchased [Superhi] Experimental Javascript

    Learn Three.js, Matter.js and PIXI.js to make interactive websites using collision engines, displacement maps and interactive 3D in the browser. If you're a creative person who wants to make experimental, art-driven websites, this is the perfect course to make websites that stand out from the...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased [Superhi] Visual Design + Branding

    Gain practical foundations in responsive web design, from layouts and visual hierarchy to branding, color, type and so much more. Our flexible, 8-week online course provides foundations in responsive web design, user interfaces and branding. It’s aimed towards those who want to improve their...
  3. Zeus

    Purchased [Superhi] Crypto + Web 3 for Creatives superhi

    Our crypto course shows you how to code websites that interact with the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts in a practical, real-world, no-hype, no-BS, ethical way. Crypto is one of largest shifts in how the web works in decades... to the point where people are calling this new phase 'Web...