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  1. Zeus

    Purchased Healing moment Powerful Plus +11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    To have physical healing there is the need to love and accept oneself first, most diseases originate : based 70% on emotional disturbances, 20% on a troubled mind, and 10% on spiritual disturbances. spiritual disturbances. If you have extra-physical attacks, you cannot have a calm and peaceful...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased Weight Gainer Powerful Plus +11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    The main objective of the Sigh gainer is to gain lean muscle mass and not fat. has the function of leaving the person full-bodied and not fat, since the weight comes from the gain of lean muscle mass. Amount Per 1 play (This version not need use water ) % Daily Value Calories 1,250...
  3. Zeus

    Purchased Health Mind and cognition Peptides Powerful Plus(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    Peptides for Better Brain Health and Cognition Using peptides for cognition, are highly functional parts of proteins that can help improve many functions in our bodies, including our processing speed, inflammation, and emotional state. And on top of all, their safety is exceptional! RG3+NAD+ B12...
  4. Zeus

    Purchased Expressiveness Improvement Powerful Plus +11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    Good communication, nowadays, has become a competitive differential for professionals who seek to stand out in their professional lives. Speaking well is essential, because it is not enough to have great ideas if they are not transmitted with clarity and conviction. It is mainly through speech...
  5. Zeus

    Purchased Empath Powerful Plus +11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    Disable energy leakage empath protocol Deactivate the absorption of low energy Clearing all those dead weights (energetically speaking) clears all energy that has been absorbed from other people or surroundings leaving your field Clearer and your mind at your soul work Removes the voices of...
  6. Zeus

    Purchased Power GABA PLUS + 11x(Extra Stronger) [Sigh Energy]

    This Powerful Program is made to Who have difficulty sleeping, resting, relaxing, for those people who want to have a "zen" day, This Power Program is for you ! GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a naturally occurring amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain, blocking impulses...
  7. Zeus

    Purchased Future Selfs Consciousness Powerful Plus +11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    This program works by downloading awareness of the future self gradually. With time you will observe a new way of looking at things New insights Changes New perspectives New way of thinking, feeling will install in you slowly and gradually Ask your future self and he will know how to guide you...
  8. Zeus

    Purchased Integration Process with the Best Version Powerful Plus +11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    Quantum mechanics tells us that everything is unfolded all the time, that is, all things exist at the same time in different realities. According to this theory, since every choice is made from several possibilities, the discarded choices continue to be experienced in parallel realities by...
  9. Zeus

    Purchased Gifts from the Goddesses Powerful Plus +11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    This program is extremely complex the energetic field is connected to all the feminine energy of the cosmos in other words everyone who touches this file will receive the best possible treatment from the GODS Every people has some aspect of her feminine energy that needs integration and healing...
  10. Zeus

    Purchased Digestive System Powerful Plus+11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    This file was programmed to treat intestinal problems Stomach pains Bowel pressure, or, lazy Relieves intestinal gas Regenerating the intestinal flora Induces the digestive system to work perfectly Regenerates and enhances the digestive system completely Eliminates toxins from the entire...
  11. Zeus

    Purchased Teeth enhancement Powerful Plus+11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    Teeth enhancement Powerful Plus+11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy] This file promotes the complete alignment of the dental structure. It rebuilds the tooth structure leaving the perfect Gold alignment teeth Teeth filling Cleans tartar, caries and bacteria Removes stains Cleans and regenerates the...
  12. Zeus

    Purchased Love Powerful Plus 11x (Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    This program sends love to every part of you in every reality. It fills your seven bodies and their layers with love. Physic Body Energy body Etherical body Intellectual body Mental body Spiritual body Emotional body Astral body Causal body Collective body Celestial body Connection with the love...
  13. Zeus

    Purchased Diamond Safher Powerful Plus+11x (Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    This will give you the opportunity to get a birds eye perspective on your own life or you can choose a target, a place or human being, to remote view through the Eyes of The Eagle. You can ask questions and extract information. This is a simple way to access your remote viewing skill set and...
  14. Zeus

    Purchased Permanent Removal of full body skin tags Powerful Plus(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]
  15. Zeus

    Purchased Dihexa Powerful Plus(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]
  16. Zeus

    Purchased The Perfect Dancer Powerful Plus+11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    This program was made especially for dance lovers. it is the most complete file of dance if you want to be a professional or just like to dance as a hobby adding this program in your routine can help you a lot, remembering that you can download directly from YouTube that works perfectly. -It...
  17. Zeus

    Purchased Photogenic Powerful Plus+11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    This file was programmed to make you photogenic and videogenic look your best in photos and videos. -Improves facial and body expression -Improve Smile -Improves your magnetism at a distance -Feel natural and comfortable in front of the camera -Free from shyness -Show your inner beauty...
  18. Zeus

    Purchased [Sigh Energy] Acess Bars Automated Powerful Plus +11x(Extra Strong)

    Access Bars is a soft-touch modality that was created by Gary Douglas in the early 1990s. It consists of 32 energy bars that pass through your head. These bars connect at specific "bar points" and correlate to different areas and aspects of life. During the Access Bar session, you may feel these...
  19. Zeus

    Purchased [Sigh Energy] Female hormone balancing Powerful Plus +11x(Extra Strong)

    The main female hormones are estrogen and progesterone, which are made in the ovaries, come into activity in adolescence, and are constantly changing during a woman's day-to-day life. Some factors that alter the quantity of female hormones are the time of day, the menstrual cycle, the state of...
  20. Zeus

    Purchased [Sigh Energy] 12 Strand DNA Actvation Powerful Plus +11x(Extra Strong)

    For many years, science has recognized that we have two strands of DNA. We also have 10 more energetic strands of DNA, which are in a latent state in human beings. These latent strands of DNA have been discovered by scientists who, without knowing their function, have identified them as "junk"...
  21. Zeus

    Purchased [Sigh Energy] Estrogen Regulation Powerful Plus +11x(Extra Strong)

    This file was programmed to reduce excess estrogen and promote perfect balance in the human body. Once a day is enough