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  1. Zeus

    Purchased Healing moment Powerful Plus +11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    To have physical healing there is the need to love and accept oneself first, most diseases originate : based 70% on emotional disturbances, 20% on a troubled mind, and 10% on spiritual disturbances. spiritual disturbances. If you have extra-physical attacks, you cannot have a calm and peaceful...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased Expressiveness Improvement Powerful Plus +11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    Good communication, nowadays, has become a competitive differential for professionals who seek to stand out in their professional lives. Speaking well is essential, because it is not enough to have great ideas if they are not transmitted with clarity and conviction. It is mainly through speech...
  3. Zeus

    Purchased Empath Powerful Plus +11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    Disable energy leakage empath protocol Deactivate the absorption of low energy Clearing all those dead weights (energetically speaking) clears all energy that has been absorbed from other people or surroundings leaving your field Clearer and your mind at your soul work Removes the voices of...
  4. Zeus

    Purchased Arcturians Powerful Plus +11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    The Arcturians are available to assist in your evulution process by activating the deepest layers of your being to expand even further. In this first moment we have 12 Arcturian transmissions, each reinforcing a different part of your energetic body. during the use of this file you will receive...
  5. Zeus

    Purchased Gifts from the Goddesses Powerful Plus +11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    This program is extremely complex the energetic field is connected to all the feminine energy of the cosmos in other words everyone who touches this file will receive the best possible treatment from the GODS Every people has some aspect of her feminine energy that needs integration and healing...
  6. Zeus

    Purchased Digestive System Powerful Plus+11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    This file was programmed to treat intestinal problems Stomach pains Bowel pressure, or, lazy Relieves intestinal gas Regenerating the intestinal flora Induces the digestive system to work perfectly Regenerates and enhances the digestive system completely Eliminates toxins from the entire...
  7. Zeus

    Purchased Teeth enhancement Powerful Plus+11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    Teeth enhancement Powerful Plus+11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy] This file promotes the complete alignment of the dental structure. It rebuilds the tooth structure leaving the perfect Gold alignment teeth Teeth filling Cleans tartar, caries and bacteria Removes stains Cleans and regenerates the...
  8. Zeus

    Purchased Astral Energetic Surgeon Powerful Plus 11x (Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    Legions of (astral) doctors make themselves available to help those who wish to be free of the control matrix. also commented that they came through Beyond Creation Physic Body Energy body Etherical body Intellectual body Mental body Spiritual body Emotional body 7 bodies Astral body Causal...
  9. Zeus

    Purchased Permanent Removal of full body skin tags Powerful Plus(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]
  10. Zeus

    Purchased Conscious and Subconscious empowerment Powerful Plus+11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]
  11. Zeus

    Purchased Photogenic Powerful Plus+11x(Extra Strong) [Sigh Energy]

    This file was programmed to make you photogenic and videogenic look your best in photos and videos. -Improves facial and body expression -Improve Smile -Improves your magnetism at a distance -Feel natural and comfortable in front of the camera -Free from shyness -Show your inner beauty...