shannon o'hara

  1. Zeus

    Purchased TTTE Specialty Series: Spirits of the Earth [Access Consciousness, Shannon O'Hara]

    TTTE Specialty Series: Spirits of the Earth USD $ 228 For centuries our ancestors worshiped the spirits of the Earth. They knew them and respected them. These earth spirits still live among us in the trees, water, sky and land, yet they are disappearing rapidly as the...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased [Access consciousness] Ancestral Myths Feb-21 Teleseries ( Shannon O'Hara, Gary M. Douglas)

    Welcome to Ancestral Myths Teleseries with Shannon O'Hara & Gary M. Douglas! Ancestral Myths, what myths do you believe are real? What if even family was a choice and choice does not end? What else have you created that you don’t know, be or perceive? Find out how to have a different...
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    Purchased Talk to the entities - beginning online + Intro (Shannon O'Hara)

    (Class facilitated in English) What if entity awareness is a potency and gift? Do you desire to learn how to handle and work with all the entities and energies you are aware of or pretending not to be aware of? And what about getting over all fear and resistance to entity awareness, for real...