1. Zeus

    Purchased Spam Google while you sleep - 15 Pages PDF || 4 different spam techniques (case-study) || 36 websites URL already doing it [blackhatworld]

    What You Get: Google's Spam Index in 2022 PDF of 15 pages 4 different spam methods The URLs of 36 websites are already doing it by Google You don't get: There is no detailed "How to do" There is no script or software to generate spam No Ahrefs reports 4 techniques of "reverse engineering"...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased [Stupidsimpleseo] Prolific Blogging course

    "New Course RevealsHow To Create Quality Blog Content At Scale... With Jarvis..." 3-Core Training Modules showing you exactly why Jarvis "acts" the way he does, and how to best "train" him to get him to create heaps of quality content for your blog! 30 "Paint-By-Number" training videos...