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  1. Zeus

    Purchased Woven Worlds - Millions [Sapien Medicine]

    Quite possibly the most common thing that people wish to manifest is: a million dollars. A million dollars can go a long way of solving many of our financial issues. It can go a long way of allowing us the financial freedom to do the things we want to do. This version of ‘Weaved Worlds’...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased The Point of No Return [Sapien Medicine]

    The Point of No Return is when you’ve hit the lowest low in life and no matter what you do to rise above your problems, you just keep running into more problems. Your efforts to change aren’t rewarded. The universe seems to be against you. The baggage you carry from the past weighs like 150...
  3. Zeus

    Purchased The Crucible of Stored Trauma [Sapien Medicine]

    This here is a combination of The Internal Alchemical Crucible. Added to this base field is a unique process that works on the transmutation of the stored pain in the body, in areas that have the memory of pain, a gentle way to transform and replace, in a sort of crucible into love and...
  4. Zeus

    Collecting funds Muscles Beyond Limits [Sapien Medicine]

    (Congratulations you have found a Mythic Class item) This recreates the C313Y mutation in myostatin directly and only in muscle cells. That mutation induces increased skeletal muscle mass that results from an increase of myofiber number (hyperplasia). So its the raw base of stopping the...
  5. Zeus

    Purchased [Sapien Medicine] Emotional Mastering Protocol

    The Emotional Mastering Protocol will work on the heart and stomach’s emotional system pathways by clearing emotional blocks related to sensitivity and then grow and expand these pathways. These two access points will be developed more and more through each listen and widen the flow of emotions...
  6. Zeus

    Purchased [Sapien Medicine] New Perspectives

    This is a combination of a few concepts and fields, presented here to be used in a therapeutic way to create a joyous future full of possibilities. It is a combination of The outlook retrainer The outlook retrainer works similarly to the 8 coil shakti 'feel good session'...
  7. Zeus

    Purchased The Crucible Of the Past [Sapien Medicine]

    This very energetic violin track was created in order to go on a journey using the ideas and concepts of the inner alchemy video on the Dream seeds channel. Here we extend this concept further into your past, the past that makes you what you are now. The idea is that sometimes we wonder if...
  8. Zeus

    Purchased Energy Awakening Course [Sapien Medicine]

    The ‘Energy Awakening Course’ will serve as the foundation through which you can expand your consciousness. Through this course, you will be able to open the doors of perception and begin to experience much more of what the world has to offer. At the same time, your elevated awareness of subtle...
  9. Zeus

    Purchased [Sapien Medicine] Advanced Healing

    Healing is a natural process built into the human body. You get a cut and the body goes to work creating a protective scab while it mends the wound. This pushes and speeds the body's natural healing time. The body has the capacity to heal at many times the rate we normally see, even without...
  10. Zeus

    Purchased [Sapien Medicine] Plasma Protocol

    This is a trifactor of three very complex fields. Plasma + hyperbaric compressor + stem cells (with scar tissue removal) with telomere elongation, as well as some antioxidants. The first audio (plasma combination) is aimed at bones, muscles and the nervous system. The second (plasma combo)...
  11. Zeus

    Purchased [Sapien Medicine] Lucky Horseshoe and Clover

    Luck is a phenomenon that mystics, academics and scientists have been discussing, probably since the birth of society and the observation of this phenomenon. Many people believe that luck is a strange energy or a state in which you know and feel the result, almost like riding a surfboard on a...
  12. Zeus

    Purchased [Sapien Medicine] The Cone Of Power

    The cone of power is a method of raising energy in ritual magic, especially in Wicca. The cone of power is visualized as a cone of energy that encompasses the circumference of the circle of Wiccans and tapering off to a point above the group. As a group, the cone is formed by the Wiccans...
  13. Zeus

    Purchased Self Respect [Sapien Medicine]

    Sapien Medicine
  14. Zeus

    Purchased Subconscious Limits Dissolver [Sapien Medicine]
  15. Zeus

    Purchased [Sapien Medicine] Plasmatron

    This combines two previous fields to create something brand new with interesting effects. The field from the Orgone Accumulator Originally based of George Van Tassel’s work on the Integratron, with our experiments the best we can gather from the functions is that it is more of an electrical...