orgone energy

  1. Zeus

    Purchased Orgone Energy + Golden Proportion Energy + Feel Good Now (Digital Energy Mandala) (Eric Thompson)

    Eric Thompson Feel Good Now - Digital Energy Mandala DEM-81 Golden Proportion Energy - Digital Energy Mandala DEM-80 Orgone Energy - Digital Energy Mandala DEM-82 The Golden Proportion of ENERGY (Digital Energy Mandala) is the energetic signature that accompanies the appearance of the...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased Orgone Energy NEW + Audio. Diginal Energy Mandala

    Orgone Energy mandala has been significantly amplidied and now includes a FREE audio bonus: AUDIO ORGONE (see below). The energy of vitality. It vitalizes the body very quickly and gets stuck qi moving quickly and easily. This one is quite strong and can be very stimulating. Also great for...