neuro wave

  1. Zeus

    Purchased The Sixth Sense. Intuition [Neuro-Wave]

    The cell phone with which you can talk to someone on the other side of the world contains only one or two processors. Scientists compare the power of the human brain to about 80,000 processors. Is it any wonder that the human brain is capable of so much, yet its abilities are limited and...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased Vital Power Protection Talisman [Neuro-Wave]

    We have created technology that will change your life! To use the talisman, it is not important whether you believe in it or not. It is not necessary to possess psychic sensitivity. You do not need to possess techniques for working with energy and informational influence. You can do...
  3. Zeus

    Purchased Talisman of Fortune [Neuro-Wave]

    Good luck charm Amulet "Power of the Ancient Forces" has a very powerful subtle energy. It gives frequent luck and strong intuition. Protects from dangers and helps to find a solution in a difficult situation. Invokes powerful ancient forces and builds a strong intention for your desires...
  4. Zeus

    Purchased [Neuro-Wave] Genetic codes of immortality

    This experimental program showed amazing effects. Before listening to it, various tests showed the real biological and mental age of the subject. But after a week of listening to the audio program, the mental age of the tester reversed, becoming 10 and 15 years younger. And after several weeks...