1. Zeus

    Purchased Stimulate Normalized Blood Circulation - 337 Hz - Body Healing Frequency [neowake Biofrequencies]

    Stimulate Normalized Blood Circulation - 337 Hz - Body Healing Frequency The blood circulation is essential for the removal of toxins, as well as for the supply of all organs. Blood consists mainly of water. Water is a medium that absorbs vibrations well and is therefore...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased Stay Young Forever - Regenerate Your Telomeres (Cell Regeneration Music) [neowake Biofrequencies]

    Telomeres and stem cells vibrate at their own frequencies of resonance. They are closely associated with regeneration and the vitality of the body. These frequencies create resonances in precisely calculated places in the body for the release of stem cells. Here we use research work done at...
  3. Zeus

    Purchased Cell Regeneration - Rejuvenation & Healing (Healing Meditation For Activating Cell Growth) [neowake Biofrequencies]

    Protect your cells with these basic neuro sounds. Every cell in our body vibrates at a certain frequency, which influences the activity and the so-called action potential of the cell. The higher the voltage, the more energy can flow. With this session you can achieve an anti-oxidative effect...
  4. Zeus

    Purchased CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS - Fast Manifestation & Quantum Potential Activation [neowake Biofrequencies]

    Christ Consciousness is a term that is initially interpreted very theistically, but actually describes a more general power of consciousness that can also be explored independently of religions. It is about rediscovering your own creative power and awakening your own quantum potential. The term...
  5. Zeus

    Purchased Powerful: Acid/LSD Frequency - Mind Trip Simulation - Binaural Beats [neowake Biofrequencies]

    The infrared spectrum of the LSD-25 molecule and its transcription into the auditory range This session is an experimental attempt to mimic the LSD-25 molecule and thus trigger hallucinogenic effects in the listener. The molecule was determined on the basis of a precise measured value and then...