morphic fields

  1. Zeus

    Purchased Life Architect (Morphic Field) [MEF Dynamics]

    Life Architect Field! Back with another favorite! This field is such a blessing that I cant even fathom how much I love it! This field continues to be a life changer in my life LITERALLY! The Life Architect field focuses on building the life and goals you set your mind on. It literally begins...
  2. P

    Quadrible & Mindpersuasion

    Hello, I didn't find any audios from Quadrible Integrity, and Mindpersuasion (George Hutton) here, do some people get them, or want to buy them with someone ? Thank you.
  3. Zeus

    Purchased Morphic fields (subscription for 2 months) [Morphic Doctor]

    Subscription for September-October A morphogenetic field is a form-containing schema that stores information about how this “form” of consciousness will manifest. Morphogenetic fields consist of patterns of conscious light and sound, which serve as blueprints on which matter and conscious...