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  1. Zeus

    Purchased Connection with Higher Self [Maitreya Fields]

    Connection with Higher Self This audio is programmed to expand your awareness at maximum levels and to connect you to your higher self. It will help you to be more align with your true self and soul purpose. Also you will get more often "flashes" with great ideas that will...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased DM: The Rewarder [Maitreya Fields]

    DM: The Rewarder Often we find changing a habit or working toward a goal difficult. The Rewarder has been created to help us do that effortlessly and with joy. Human beings are motivated by feelings- pain brings aversion and pleasure brings attraction. Many people find it...
  3. Zeus

    Purchased DM: The Samurai [Maitreya Fields]

    DM: The Samurai The Samurai ; -Infuses you with the warrior aspects and mental strength of the Samurai (discipline etc) , along with increasing your desire to practice martial arts and meditation. -Death before surrender mindset, so you keep pushing for your goals no...
  4. Zeus

    Purchased DM: Appreciated [Maitreya Fields]

    DM: Appreciated This field has been created to change your aura in a way that makes people see the best in you. You will attract appreciation and respect, people will see your talent, value you, and respect your authority. Your voice will be heard and acknowledged. The...
  5. Zeus

    Purchased DM: Flirt Radar [Maitreya Fields]

    This field has been created for shy and reserved people who have a problem with their sense of self-worth and rarely notice when someone likes them or has an interest in them be it romantically or for friendship. In many cases, due to past trauma, such people may not even think that others may...
  6. Zeus

    Purchased DM: The Chosen [Maitreya Fields]

    This field has been made to make any audio/energy work from any creator to work only for you and not to affect other people or animals in the house or close to you. To use this mandala, say "ACTIVATE” in the room, and the person saying that will be the only one to get the benefits from the...
  7. Zeus

    Purchased DM: The Entrepreneur [Maitreya Fields]

    Easily attract investors/business partners Easily attract customers/clients All people see your vision/mission People are attracted to your storefront and/or website People are attracted by your offers/products/services Form mutually beneficial relationships Everyone you meet respects and...
  8. Zeus

    Purchased DM: Magical Objects [Maitreya Fields]

    This field is programmed to charge your intentions to objects with pure unconditional love which is the strongest energy in the whole Universe. This mandala is to be used for filling the object placed on it with unconditional love + purpose written on a piece of paper. Purpose/desire should be...
  9. Zeus

    Purchased DM: Neurotransmitter Balancing [Maitreya Fields]
  10. Zeus

    Purchased DM: Beautiful Creations [Maitreya Fields]

    Whatever you’re creating (painting, animation, building robots, developing apps/games, woodworking, cooking, etc) it will come out amazing, beautiful, very useful, lucrative, etc. The field will work through your hands and will help you make products with amazing beauty. The field also removes...
  11. Zeus

    Purchased DM: Release Parasites - Physical and Energetic [Maitreya Fields]

    This field has been made to stop parasites in your physical and etheric bodies from influencing your mind, emotions, and impulses for action. There are claims that up to 70% or even 80% of our diseases come from parasitic infections. Few people know that parasites, including the physical ones...
  12. Zeus

    Purchased DM: The Field Optimizer [Maitreya Fields]

    DM: The Field Optimizer Sometimes we’re not sure what field is best to use, and this often results in carrying/listening to many different fields. This can be a problem, though, because using too many fields at the same time can make each of them less effective - and it can also result in...
  13. Zeus

    Purchased [Maitreya Fields] The Healing Chamber

    Imagine how that would be if you were able to heal while just being asleep? Our physical body does heal during sleep...However it heals at a certain level and is limited to only the physical body. This field allows you to heal every aspect of your being. Physical, mental, and spiritual. It puts...
  14. Zeus

    Purchased [Maitreya Fields] Eyes Regeneration

    [Maitreya Fields] Eyes Regeneration This audio is programmed to restore the eyes in human body. It will help you to heal any problems there as it is filled with a lot of neutral energy and unconditional love from Creator. All parts in the eyes structure are included in the healing process...
  15. Zeus

    Purchased [Maitreya Fields] DM: Subconscious Connector

    This mandala does exactly what it says. It connects you directly to your subconscious so that you can understand and speak with it at free will. With this mandala you can ask your subconscious mind to do whatever you desire. It can be to attract something in your life, clearing old beliefs...
  16. Zeus

    Purchased [Maitreya Fields] DM+A: Flow State

    The flow state is commonly described as “being in the zone”. It is the mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment of the process of the activity. For many people, while in a flow state, time seems to...
  17. Zeus

    Purchased [Maitreya Fields] DM: The Finder
  18. Zeus

    Purchased [Maitreya Fields] DM: SBR Part 4: Mimic

    And finally, a mimic of the limitless drug NZT-48. This field contains the energetic signature of this drug from the fictional movie 'Limitless', which allows you to experience similar effects as those depicted in the movie and a large rise in your vibrational level. This audio is designed to...
  19. Zeus

    Purchased [Maitreya Fields] 7 Master Glands
  20. Zeus

    Purchased Vitamin D3 [Maitreya Fields]
  21. Zeus

    Purchased Mimic braces - Straight teeth [Maitreya Fields]

    This field is created to mimic energetically braces and make straight teeth. You can use it 2 or 3 times a day.
  22. Zeus

    Purchased DM: The Musician [Maitreya Fields]

    DM: The Musician - Install the ability to read and write sheet music - Install the ability of perfect pitch (identify and re-create any note, melody and chord by ear) - Install the ability to effortlessly learn and play instruments (guitar, piano, drums, etc) -...
  23. Zeus

    Purchased [Maitreya Fields] Supreme Fat Burn – Thyroid Boosting Field

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