lavinia sina shendray

  1. Zeus

    Purchased Energy tuning "Elixir of bloody champagne" (Lavinia Sina Shendray)

    FOUNDER — LAVINIA SINA SHENDRAY ...Very powerful magical energy… "This is a luxurious, noble and very powerful magical energy that brings with TREMENDOUS force attraction, material prosperity, business success, luxury and carelessness into your life. It destroys effectively and instantly...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased Setting "Unearthly Beauty" (Lavinia Sina Shendray)

    FOUNDER — LAVINIA SINA SHENDRAY ...Extraordinary Beauty Magic… "This is top-class magical energy!!! Absolutely extraordinary and different from other Beauty energies. It works flawlessly, at a deep cellular level, and also ensures overall well-being at all levels. This energy comes from the...