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  1. Zeus

    Purchased Joe Dispenza's formula. Full access [Newnorma] [Joe Dispenza]

    A unique new course: This is the quintessence of many years of experience teaching students around the world and Dr. Joe's research, compressed into a simple, scientifically proven formula for personal transformation. The Intelligent Power Within You Learn to turn to the inner source of Life...
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    Purchased PastStream: Pineal Gland (Joe Dispenza)

    Pineal gland: Theory and Meditation This theory of the functioning of the pineal gland includes both science and research, as well as ancient mysticism. It also includes the knowledge of how to activate the latent system in the brain to create transcendental interdimensional experiences during...
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    Purchased Fall in Love with Your Body (Meditation) (Joe Dispenza)

    During this lying-down meditation, Dr. Joe gives specific instructions to stimulate your immune system, helping you move into a coherent state of love and an open heart. Total playing time: 38 minutes Music author: Remko Arentz When you open your heart and are imbued with sublime emotions...