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  1. Zeus

    Purchased Practitioner Of Mind Bending Language Certification Training (Igor Ledochowski)

    Dear Friend, Do you want to know a secret? It's not something most hypnosis trainers like to reveal, however I think it would be enormously helpful to hypnotists (or anyone seeking to motivate and inspire others). So here it goes: The MOST effective (and fastest) way to influence people in...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased The power of hypnotic gifts (Igor Ledochowski)

    What makes hypnotic gifts so special? Quite simply, hypnotists who can show what hypnosis does by giving someone a life-long hypnotic resource in just a few minutes have a BIG advantage over everybody else... because if you can do that, it also means you can: Quickly demonstrate what...
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    Purchased The 7 Most Common Barriers To Building Rapport (Igor Ledochowski)

    7 main barriers preventing mutual understanding-MP3-audio course MP3 (audio) =30 minutes There are 7 main mistakes that people make when they try to establish trusting relationships with others. This guide will tell you how to avoid them. It also includes a description of our 5-step formula...
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    Purchased Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Roundtable Training (Igor Ledochowski)

    Igor Ledochowski Igor is the co-founder of the Hypnosis Training Academy and an internationally acclaimed Master Hypnotist & trainer, a NLP Master Practitioner and trainer, plus a certified success life coach. Igor has created over 100 hypnosis training products & seminars, and is the author of...