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  1. Zeus

    Purchased Unlock Your Financial Abundance 2.0 - Freedom Series [Talmadgeharper] [Harper Healing]

    What is included in the download? A powerful subliminal MP3 you can listen to before going to bed (45 minutes long). There is no music so you can listen while reading or working. You can even leave it playing while you fall asleep. This MP3 features the latest in high end technology, a...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased Trifecta of Power: Self Love, Self Worth, And Self Acceptance [Talmadgeharper] [Harper Healing]

    Listen up people! I'm going to hit you with a hard truth. YOU NEED SELF LOVE and SELF WORTH if you want prosperity in the form of money, health and love. If you don't have self love and a sense of self worth,...drop whatever the heck you're doing and get it RIGHT NOW. People keep asking me...