gary douglas

  1. Zeus

    Purchased [Access Consciousness] Global foundation 2021 (Gary Douglas, Dain Heer)

    Global Foundation with Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer From once to twice a year, the creators of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dane Heer, completely rewrite the Basics class. This worldwide event will be attended by Access Consciousness fans from all over the world - both live and...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased 9 Trannies Jun-18 Dublin [Access] [Gary Douglas, Dain Heer]

    Welcome to the 9 Trannies! This is a unique 4-day exploration that can finally allow you to begin recognizing the gift that would allow you to magically alter reality around you with great ease. Are you ready to be all the magic that you truly are, beyond what this reality offers? Is now the...
  3. Zeus

    Purchased 10 Days of Need & Tug [Access] [Paul Kearney, Gary Douglas, Wendy Mulder, Brendon Watt]

    10 Days of Need & Tug Create the Life You Truly Desire With Paul Kearney, Gary Douglas, Wendy Mulder, & Brendon Watt Wherever you think you are powerless, you are not! And it's just your choice! What can you choose? We have the magical ability to create and soon it will begin...