1. Zeus

    Purchased [Domestika] Fundamentals of Animation in After Effects

    Master the basics of animation and motion graphics to create a unique showreel with After Effects Adobe After Effects is a powerful software that lets you explore the endless possibilities of animation design. From dynamic typography to character animation and motion tracking, mastering its...
  2. Zeus

    Recruitment [Domestika] Creation of Molds for Ceramic Reproduction (Xènia Bas)

    Learn the techniques of mold making with plaster and reproduce unique and inspiring objects The mold offers endless possibilities in the reproduction of ceramics, not only in terms of production, but also in terms of artistic experimentation; This is stated by potter Xènia Bas - founder of the...
  3. Zeus

    Purchased [Domestika] Creation of 3D Scenes from Scratch in Maya

    Work on a scene's set dressing starting from the idea, to the blocking and composition, up to the final render Composition, color, and lighting are the keys to bringing a 3D stage to life. Through the set dressing, you can not only decorate and set a realistic environment but also provide...
  4. Zeus

    Purchased [Domestika] Digital Illustration with Procreate (Óscar Lloréns)

    Óscar Lloréns has been working as an illustrator for over 15 years, his work has featured in many diverse publications and advertising projects. Among his clients are El País Semanal, Vanity Fair, Skoda, as well as a mural for the reality TV show Big Brother. However, Óscar values his personal...
  5. Zeus

    Purchased [DOMESTIKA] Adobe Illustrator for Beginners

    Course overview Delve into graphic design and explore Adobe Illustrator’s full potential with this 6-course Domestika Basics. Learn to design high-quality vector graphics for branding, typography, web design, or any other digital project where eye-catching graphics are a must. Adobe Illustrator...