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  1. Zeus

    Purchased Healing Code Cards - Body Deck (Digital Edition: English & Spanish) (Brad Johnson)

    Below is a list of cards with healing codes that can be found in the body deck, as well as their contents for eliminating viruses/diseases: Brain Booster Spine Booster Heart Booster Lung Booster Liver Booster Spleen Booster Gland Booster Stomach Booster Pancreatic Booster Colon Enhancer Small...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased Healing Code Cards: Energy Deck (Digital Edition) (Brad Johnson)

    The Healing Code Cards: Energy Deck (Digital Edition) Introducing our third card deck in the series of the Healing Code Cards. The Energy Deck contains 44 cards and stands out differently from the previous two as the Body and Mind Decks are known for their detoxification, the Energy Deck works...