1. Zeus

    Purchased [codecanyon] Bicrypto - Crypto Trading Platform, Exchanges, KYC, Charting Library, Wallets, Binary Trading, News [MashDiv]

    Extended License Package: VIP Support Free Installation Free Cors deployment Free extra frontend template Teamviewer support First in line support Cheaper customizations VIP Support Package: Server Level Support 24/7 Support Reinstallation Support, Moving to new domain Support Taking care of...
  2. Zeus

    Purchased [codecanyon] Token ICO Addon For Bicrypto - Token Offers, MetaMask, BEP20, ERC20, Smart Contracts [MashDiv]

    New Integrations: MetaMask Web3 Blockchain Wallets Features: Whitelabel, a few clicks to change the site to your brand Live Trading Live Exchanges Wallet System Live Watchlist Live Depth View Live Coin Info Live Order Book Contract Log Transactions log 22 Payment Gateway supported Unlimited...